Organic Electronic Technologies P.C. (OET)

    Organic Electronic Technologies P.C. (OET) is a Nanotechnology driven Startup Company in the field of Organic & Printed Electronics (OEs). OET founded in 2012, based on the 25 years experience of its people in Thin Film technologies.

    OET is a world leader in Roll to Roll full printed OPV production& technologies and in large area manufacturing of OLEDs and OE Devices like printed RFIDs, NFC antennas and sensors. OET owning patents and IPs on in-line optical metrology and laser patterned methods on OE nanolayers and devices, R2R manufacturing of OPVs and OLEDs and its applications thereof, as also and know how on encapsulation methods. OET based on the expertise & know-how of its employees (personnel 40% with PhD and 60% MSc on Thin Film technology, Nanotechnology, Materials Science, OEs, HRST, MBA) and on the multiannual synergies with competence centers, SMEs and Industries companies like LTFN, FhG several Institutes, CRF/FIAT, AIXTRON, HJY, etc has the potential of having pan-EU dimension to nourish innovation, share resources, experiences and delivering superior performance OE products in the markets.

    OET interacts and Networking with Clusters, Associations and European Projects. OET is an active partner and co-founder of the Hellenic Organic & Printed Electronics Association (HOPE-A). HOPE-A has signed 4 collaboration agreements with the: Organic Electronics Saxony (OES), COPT.NRW (Center for Organic Production Technologies N. Rhine-Westphalia), French Printed Electronics Association (AFELIM) & Japanese Printed Electronics Association (JAPEC). Also OET is a member of the international Organic and Printed Electronics Association (OE-A) and member of Network NanoNet ( that has more than 600 individual members worldwide and more than 1200 cluster members covering the fields of Nanotechnologies & Nanobiosciences.

    OET except from its own equipment (R2R gravure printing line, Lab Roll- Slot die coater, S2S gravure and inkjet printer, S2S Slot die coater, Climate chamber, Chemical labs) has a lease contract with Nanotechnology Lab-LTFN of AUTh since 2012 to use its prototype R2R Production line, which was developed from their reciprocally contribution during the EU-FP7 Smartonics project.

    The core activities of OET include the following:

    • Large scale Processes and Technologies for flexible printed OPVs, OLEDs and RFIDs
    • Development, Prototyping, Design and Manufacturing of OE nanolayers and devices
    • Optimization of materials and processes for R2R & S2S manufacturing of OE nanolayers and devices
    • R2R Production of full printed OPVs
    • Development of Instrumentation and Systems, like Inkjet printers and Laser systems for R2R pilot and production lines
    • In-line Optical Metrology & Quality monitoring of printed and vacuum processes form manufacturing organic and inorganic nanolayers
    • Methods and methodologies for in-line determination of film thickness and quality during printing processes for the production of organic electronics
    • Robust encapsulation methods using high barrier films of OPVs, OLEDs
    • Laser processes and laser patterning solutions
    • Design, Development and delivery Pilot to Production lines for 2D/3D Process development and Prototypes
    • Novel processing, analysis and testing, technical assistance, competitive intelligence and training on thin films and OE devices
    • Turn-key Solutions for Manufacturing high Performance OEs and Instrumentation and Systems thereof
    • Licensing services & products
    • Technology transfer in OE devices

    Project Information

    Call: H2020-DT-NMBP-08-2019

    Type of action: Research and Innovation action (RIA)

    Acronym: RealNano

    Title: In-line and Real-time Nano-characterization technologies for the high yield manufacturing of Flexible Organic Electronics

    Duration: 42 months (1 March 2020 – 31 August 2023)

    This project has received funding from the European Union's HORIZON 2020 research and innovation programme under Grant Agreement No 862442. eu flag