APEVA SE is a new company (spun off from AIXTRON SE in 2017) focused on the OLED display industry. APEVA is a complete deposition system provider for the organic material layers within the OLED stack. APEVA operates its strategic organic vapor deposition technology (OVPD) out of its location in Herzogenrath, Germany. While the main market for such deposition equipment is seen in Asia, APEVA’s core deposition technology development, related work force and IP are in Germany. In its laboratory in Germany APEVA op-erates a Gen1-size OVPD cluster for organic device fabrication and a Gen8.5-size OVPD demonstrator.

    APEVA is interested in this project because it can help improve the organic vapor deposition technology (OVPD®) manufacturing process of OLED devices. This project allows the use of non-destructive in-line me-trology tools on the OVPD pilot line at U. Thessaloniki (AUTh) to achieve new insight for the controlled fab-rication of materials and devices for the organic electronic applications, e.g. OLED for displays. This new in-sight is expected to provide an added value for deposition process development of OVPD-OLEDs and in devel-opment of future OVPD machines at APEVA for industrial exploitation.

    Project Information

    Call: H2020-DT-NMBP-08-2019

    Type of action: Research and Innovation action (RIA)

    Acronym: RealNano

    Title: In-line and Real-time Nano-characterization technologies for the high yield manufacturing of Flexible Organic Electronics

    Duration: 42 months (1 March 2020 – 31 August 2023)

    This project has received funding from the European Union's HORIZON 2020 research and innovation programme under Grant Agreement No 862442. eu flag